Sustainable,Safe & Affordable Lighting

for 600 Million People in Africa

& 2 Billion World-wide

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About The Lightie

Did you know?

2 Billion people
are forced to live in complete darkness.

Each year
2 Million people
die using paraffin lanterns & candles.

This “dirty fuel” costs them
25% of their income
for just 1 hour of light per night ($1-$2).

This amounts to
380 Billion Rand
spent annually just to power these lights.

Every year this “dirty fuel” releases
190 million tones
Of CO2 pollution into the atmosphere.

Now imagine..

A simple solution, that could eliminate these effects, for under $10.


“The Lightie” Solar Bottle Light

  • State-of-the-art flexible solar panel
  • Built into a durable, ruggedized acrylic housing
  • Utilizes Lithium battery technology
  • 8hrs in the sun yields 40hrs+ of light (low setting)
  • Will charge under cloudy/rainy conditions
  • Outputs 12x more light than a paraffin lantern
  • Battery will last 4-5 year (2000 CYCLES)
  • Designed to fit all 22mm Pet Soda bottle necks. 22mm is the world-wide standard size.




2013 ABSA/Design Indaba, DRD Contest

The 2013 ABSA/Design Indaba, The DRD campaign’s aim was to find innovative entrepreneurs that presented viable business solutions which had potential to solve challenging social problems in South Africa. The Lightie™ was chosen as the winner for its “ingenious innovation and distribution strategy”. Judges included Ravi Naaido the founder of the Design Indaba. Cash prize of R100 000,00 was handed out in a ceremony with Priticia De Lille (Mayor of Cape Town).


2013 CLIPDC, Lions Den Challenge

The 2013 CLIPDC, Lions Den Challenge invited ten hand picked up and coming social entrepreneurs from across Africa to pitch to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. The panel asked tough questions relating to the viability of the presented idea. The most promising idea which showed the biggest potential social impact took honours. The Lightie™ won first prize of R50 000,00.

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2013 TIA/SASOL Step-Up Innovation competition

The 2013 national TIA/SASOL Step-Up Innovation competition also referred to as the Idols of innovation in South Africa were seeking for the best innovations South Africa had to offer across seven distinctive sectors. Selected finalists had to pitch their ideas a panel experienced Venture capitalists and investors. The Lightie™ took first prize valued at +- R1 000 000,00 in the Green Environment catagory.

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2013 FNB Ideas Can Help competition

The goal of the 2013 FNB Ideas Can Help competition was to unearth South Africa’s best social entrepreneur with an idea that could “change the world”. Entries from across the country were distilled down to ten finalists. The Lightie™ won the grand prize of R500 000,00 seed capital and a 1-year incubation/commercialization agreement through Vumela and Edge growth.

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2013 GAP Green Awards/Innovation Hub

The 2013 GAP Green Awards in conjunction with the innovation hub were looking for innovation entrepreneurs working on clean tech solutions in areas such as renewable energy, water& sanitation and sustainable mobility. The Lightie™ won first prize of R300 000,00 including enrolment into the Maxum Business incubator and Climate Innovation Centre.

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My Story


Biography of Michael Suttner

Twenty seven year old go-getter, visionary and inventor Michael Suttner likes nothing better than a good challenge and finding solutions to real world problems. Enthusiastic and energetic, the serial/social entrepreneur has an unorthodox, out-of-the box approach to problem solving and that is where much of his inspiration originates.

Having a background in mechanical engineering, he gave it up for what came naturally at the time. From photography to computers to entrepreneurial business deals, he has been both successful and lost it all. He has learnt from his experiences to become a now seasoned entrepreneur.

A BA degree in creative brand communications, coupled with determination to succeed, second to none, has proved useful in his quest to get his multi-award winning invention, The Lightie™ known to the world. And his deal-making talents have already attracted the attention of many leading global brands, each keen to get involved in the project.

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